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Real Madrid – Cadiz

Santiago Bernabéu 05/05/2024 320.00 
Découvrez Madrid grâce à ce voyage foot, à l'occasion du match Real Madrid - Cadiz ! LE PRIX INCLUS : Votre place [...]
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Real Madrid – Rayo Vallecano

Santiago Bernabéu 24/05/2024 355.00 
Découvrez Madrid grâce à ce voyage foot, à l'occasion du match Real Madrid - Rayo Vallecano ! LE PRIX INCLUS : Votre [...]
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Real Madrid – Betis

Santiago Bernabéu 26/05/2024 480.00 
Découvrez Madrid grâce à ce voyage foot, à l'occasion du match Real Madrid - Betis ! LE PRIX INCLUS : Votre place [...]
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A Football trip to Madrid

Hop on for an unforgettable experience with a football trip to Madrid for a Real Madrid home match! Discover the passion of Spanish football while exploring the treasures of the capital. Whether you’re a football fanatic or a curious traveller, this is a trip you’ll never forget.

Your football trip to Madrid begins with a discovery of the city’s famous monuments. Soak up the history and culture by visiting the majestic Royal Palace, a symbol of Spain’s glorious past. Continue your exploration with a stroll through the lively streets of the La Latina district, where you can sample authentic and tasty tapas.

Be sure to visit the famous Parque del Retiro, a haven of peace in the heart of the city. Stroll through its magnificent gardens, take a punt on the lake and relax while soaking up the Spanish sun. The Parque del Retiro is the ideal place to recharge your batteries before the big game.

Venture into Madrid’s different Plazas and you’ll discover the true pulse of the city. The Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol and Plaza de España are lively meeting places where Madrileños gather to socialise, have a drink and enjoy life. Soak up the cheerful atmosphere and live like a local on your football trip to Madrid.

Of course, a trip to Madrid wouldn’t be complete without sampling the culinary delights for which Spain is famous. Taste delicious tapas in traditional bars, where you can enjoy a variety of these mouth-watering specialties!


Madrid, capital of football !

For Real Madrid fans, the Plaza Cibeles and its fountain is an emblematic place not to be missed! This is where fans gather before and after matches to celebrate their victories and share their passion for the club. Join in the chants and cheers of the fans and experience the excitement of being part of the Casa Blanca.

Enjoy a fantastic football trip to Madrid, combining sport, culture and gastronomy. Book now and get ready for an experience you’ll never forget!


Date d'inauguration

Dec 1947


84 000

Take an unforgettable football trip to Madrid and enjoy the ultimate experience by attending a match of the legendary Real Madrid, the greatest football club of all time. Join the ranks of passionate RMA fans, among the most demanding supporters in the world!

The Santiago Bernabeu stadium is the setting for the exploits of this footballing institution. Its unique atmosphere, full of fervour and emotion, is sure to captivate you. Picture yourself among the frenzied crowd, singing the club anthem with unbridled passion. European nights at the Bernabeu are known to be some of the most exciting in football, a real treat for football aficionados.

This stadium is a true monument to sport, having played host to many historic moments that have marked the history of football. But the Santiago Bernabeu is also constantly evolving. Its renovation, soon to be completed, is the perfect link between the club’s prestigious past and a new era of modernity. You’ll have the chance to discover the perfect blend of tradition and innovation during your football trip to Madrid.

Over the decades, many legendary players have pulled on the white jerseys of Real Madrid. Names such as Zidane, Casillas, Raul, Di Stefano, Cristiano Ronaldo and more recently Benzema, along with many others, have left their mark on the history of the club and world football. Their exploits on the pitch remain engraved in the collective memory of fans, and you will have the opportunity to feel the aura of these heroes of the past and present.

Let’s not forget the intense rivalry between Real Madrid and its two great rivals, Atlético Madrid and FC Barcelona. Matches against these teams are red-hot affairs, with every victory taking on a special flavour. Feel the adrenalin of these games and vibrate to the rhythm of the passionate chants of the fans.

Your Real Madrid football trip will be much more than just a football match. It will be a total immersion in the history, passion and soul of one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. Book your trip now and get ready to experience unforgettable moments at the heart of the Madrid temple of football.

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