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Paris SG – Olymp. Lyonnais

Parc des Princes 21/04/2024 510.00 
Découvrez Paris grâce à ce voyage foot, à l'occasion du match Paris SG - OL ! Ce soir là, tous les regards [...]
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Paris SG – Le Havre

Parc des Princes 28/04/2024 350.00 
Découvrez Paris grâce à ce voyage foot, à l'occasion du match Paris SG - Le Havre ! Le Havre, récemment promu en [...]
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Paris SG – Dortmund

Parc des Princes 07/05/2024 980.00 
Découvrez Paris grâce à ce voyage foot, à l'occasion du match Paris SG - Borussia Dortmund ! Réception du PSG au Parc [...]
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Paris SG – Toulouse

Parc des Princes 11/05/2024 380.00 
Découvrez Paris grâce à ce voyage foot, à l'occasion du match Paris SG - Toulouse ! Dernier match à domicile de la [...]
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A Football Trip to Porto

Dreaming of an unforgettable football trip? Look no further than Porto, the ideal destination for a unique experience on the occasion of an FC Porto home match. This human-sized city is packed with points of interest, making it the perfect choice for a short break that combines a passion for football with cultural discoveries.

During your visit, be sure to lose yourself in the picturesque alleyways of old Porto, where a mystical atmosphere reigns that is difficult to describe but profoundly memorable. You’ll be transported to another time as you contemplate the magnificent architecture of Porto Cathedral and stroll past the historic buildings with their colourful facades. Marvel at the ornate churches and lively squares that bear witness to the city’s rich history.

The Douro, the majestic river that flows through Porto, is a jewel not to be missed, along which the city is built. For an unforgettable experience, embark on a short cruise along the river. You’ll be amazed by the spectacular scenery of terraced vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see. The emblematic bridges spanning the Douro, such as the Dom Luís I Bridge, symbolise the city and offer breathtaking views. For the more adventurous, a supervised excursion will even take you under the Arrabida Bridge. A unique experience to discover the river perched just below the path of the vehicles that pass over it.

As you explore Porto, you’ll also discover places that are less frequented but just as charming. Lose yourself in the gardens of the Palácio de Cristal, offering breathtaking views over the city and the Douro estuary. Stroll along the quays of Ribeira, lined with colourful houses and filled with an authentic atmosphere. And did you know that JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, lived in Porto while she was writing the famous novel? Elements of the city, such as the university where students still wear traditional black cloaks, are said to have inspired the magical world of Hogwarts. Don’t miss Porto’s library, a little marvel whose décor is sure to bring back memories for fans of the saga that marked a whole generation!

For wine lovers, a visit to the Douro vineyards is a must. Discover the famous Porto, named after the city that has gained international renown. Immerse yourself in Porto’s historic cellars to taste wines of exceptional quality and learn the secrets of how they are made.

“Porto the football way!”

Finally, your football trip to Porto would not be complete without a discovery of Portuguese gastronomy. The local restaurants invite you to a festival of flavours where you can sample typical dishes such as francesinha, a delicious local speciality, or pastéis de nata, delicious cream pastries.

Book your football trip to Porto now, and let yourself be seduced by this vibrant city, rich in history, passion for football and cultural treasures. Porto awaits you for an unforgettable football experience!



Nov 2003


50 000

Embark on an unforgettable journey to the heart of football in Porto! Discover the rich and exciting history of this sport, which was brought to Porto by the English and has since captured the hearts of the city’s inhabitants.

FC Porto, one of Portugal’s most emblematic clubs, is the symbol of the consuming passion for football of its supporters. The club’s glory years, including Champions League victories in 1987 and 2004, have left their mark on the history of European football. But that’s not all: FC Porto have also won numerous domestic titles over the years, making them one of the most prestigious clubs in the world.

The club is one of Portugal’s big three, alongside Sporting Portugal and arch-rivals SL Benfica. The rivalries between these clubs are intense and add a unique flavour to the games. But there is one match that is often underestimated: the derby against Boa Vista. This match, although less publicised in the media, is a real battle on the pitch, where emotion and passion combine to offer a captivating spectacle, as well as supremacy over the city of Porto!

The Estadio do Dragao, an architectural gem, is the venue for FC Porto matches. Its modern architecture and imposing appearance make it a must-see for football fans. The dragon is a legendary figure that represents power and pride, values held dear by FC Porto supporters.

The atmosphere in the Estadio do Dragao is electrifying, thanks in particular to the Super Dragoes, the club’s ultras group. Nestling in the corner of the stadium, they create a fiery atmosphere, with impressive chants and tifos.

A football trip to Porto is much more than just a sporting experience. It’s a total immersion in the history and passion of football, in a city that breathes the sport. The Estadio do Dragao is just like Porto itself, one of a kind. Book your football trip to Porto now and immerse yourself in the magical world of Portuguese football!


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