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SL Benfica – SC Braga

Estadio da Luz 28/04/2024 450.00 
Découvrez Lisbonne grâce à ce voyage foot, à l'occasion du match SL Benfica - SC Braga ! LE PRIX INCLUS : Votre place [...]
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SL Benfica – Arouca

Estadio da Luz 12/05/2024 440.00 
Découvrez Lisbonne grâce à ce voyage foot, à l'occasion du match SL Benfica - Arouca ! LE PRIX INCLUS : Votre place [...]
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SL Benfica – Vitoria Guimaraes

Estadio da Luz 03/09/2024 245.00 
Découvrez Lisbonne grâce à ce voyage foot, à l'occasion du match SL Benfica - GVitoria Guimaraes ! LE PRIX INCLUS : Votre place [...]
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A Football Trip to Lisbon

Take a football trip to Lisbon and enjoy an unforgettable experience at a SL Benfica home match! Immerse yourself in the heart of the Portuguese capital and discover a city with a rich history, a fascinating blend of traditions, culture and breathtaking architecture.

Lisbon, the pearl of Portugal, is a must-see city that will charm you with its friendly atmosphere and authentic charm. As soon as you arrive, you’ll be seduced by its picturesque streets, lively squares and magnificent views over the Tagus.

During your visit, don’t miss out on Lisbon’s emblematic monuments. The Belém district is a historic gem where you can admire the majestic Belém Tower, a symbol of Portuguese maritime power in colonial times. Nearby, the Hieronymites Monastery, a masterpiece of Manueline architecture, will transport you back to the time of the Great Discoveries.

The Praça do Comércio, on the banks of the Tagus, is an imposing square with a breathtaking view over the city. Stroll around this majestic square, enjoy the terrace cafés and soak up Lisbon’s lively atmosphere.

For an authentic experience, be sure to visit the old quarter of Alfama, known for its narrow, winding streets. Take the famous yellow tram and admire the panoramic views over the city from the heights of this picturesque district.


“Lisbon from every angle”

An original visit that will delight your taste buds is the Time Out Market. This covered market is home to a host of gastronomic stalls offering Portuguese and international specialities.

Don’t leave Lisbon without tasting the delicious pastéis de nata, the little custards with cream. You’ll find the best version at the Fabrica de Pasteis de Belém. This institution, with its recipe unchanged for over 150 years, is a must for gourmets.

For a splendid view of Lisbon, head to the other side of the Ponte 25 de Abril, the emblematic structure that spans the Tagus alongside the Cristo Rei statue. Contemplate the city from above and marvel at the beauty of this breathtaking panorama.

If you have a little more time on your Lisbon football weekend, be sure to visit Sintra, just half an hour from the capital. Explore the Moorish Castle, a medieval hilltop fortress, and discover the Pena Palace with its colourful architecture and flower-filled grounds.

A football trip to Lisbon is an opportunity to combine your passion for football with the discovery of a city full of charm. Enjoy its historic heritage, delicious cuisine and warm hospitality. Book your stay now and get ready to experience moments of pure happiness in the Portuguese capital.



Oct 2003


65 000

Take a football trip to Lisbon and immerse yourself in the excitement of Portuguese football by attending a home match of SL Benfica, the country’s most popular and respected club. Explore the passion that drives the fans and discover the club that has left its mark on the history of European football.

One of the highlights of your trip will be your visit to the Estadio da Luz, a truly recognisable architectural masterpiece. This emblematic stadium has seen two memorable versions. The first, which for many years was one of the largest stadiums in the world, saw the birth of football legends such as Eusébio, who left his mark on the club’s history. Then, in 2003, the stadium was completely renovated and modernised for Euro 2004, becoming the masterpiece that it is today.

During your football trip to Lisbon, you’ll have the chance to witness SL Benfica’s iconic players legacy, who have left their mark through their talent and dedication. From Pablo Aimar to Nenê, these exceptional footballers have proudly worn the club’s colours and helped forge its international reputation.


But SL Benfica would not be what it is without its legendary rivalries with Portugal’s other two big clubs. During the O Clássico, the clash with FC Porto, the atmosphere is electric, with each team looking to get the better of the other. The intense duels and twists and turns make this encounter a must-see in the sporting calendar.

As for the Lisbon derby, it pits SL Benfica against its historic rival, Sporting CP. This rivalry has its roots in the history of the city and the cultural differences between the two clubs. Every match between these two teams generates unbridled passion and commitment from players and fans alike.

Book your football trip to Lisbon now and experience the excitement of a SL Benfica home match. Immerse yourself in the fervour of the fans, contemplate the Estadio da Luz and immerse yourself in the history of a renowned European club. This unique experience will remain engraved in your memory and leave you with unforgettable memories of Portuguese football.

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