FC Barcelona - Villareal CF

FC Barcelona – Villareal CF


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Enjoy your football trip in Barcelona on the occasion of the FC Barcelona – Villareal CF!

Last game of the season at the Camp Nou for Barça, with the reception of Villareal. A team wich often ends up in the first upper half of the La Liga table. The “yellow submarine” is a tough opponent, even playing away. Villareal have let many points slip away at the beginning of the season. This was due to a great European campaign from them. But it certainly contributed to the tiredness of the squad. The season has been long for both teams, each in different ways. But there is still one last battle and they will have to fight one last time to win. Driven by their fans, Barça will have to finish in style at home and save what can be saved after a complicated season!


Expected attendance : 75 to 90%

Access to the Camp Nou requires to wear a mask.