FC Barcelona - Mallorca

FC Barcelona – Mallorca


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Enjoy your football trip in Barcelona on the occasion of the FC Barcelona – Mallorca!

Reception of a newcomer from the second division this season: Mallorca! A match with a historical scent. Indeed, Mallorca had its best days in the early 2000s, in particular with a so called Samuel Eto’o, who himself would go on to play for Barça a few years later and win everything with the club. But let’s get back to the match that will see the two teams face off at the Camp Nou. The end of the season is approaching and Barcelona still need points to try to cover up for their early season slip-up and save face. This will require an imperative victory against a team that, on paper, does not represent a huge opposition. But in football, anything is possible!


Expected attendance : 45 to 60%

Access to the Camp Nou requires to wear a mask.