FC Barcelona - Espanyol Barcelona

FC Barcelona – Espanyol Barcelona


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Enjoy your football trip in Barcelona on the occasion of the FC Barcelona – Espanyol Barcelona!

Derby day at the Camp Nou!
After a short episode in La Liga 2, Espanyol Barcelona are back in La Liga, much to the delight of fans on both sides. It must be admitted that derbies punctuate the seasons, and this one not making the exception, was much missed last season. Beyond the sporting event, there are also two very distinct schools of thought. On the one hand, the Blaugrana giants, who are more in favour of Catalan emancipation. And on the other, Espanyol, who, as their name suggests, are more attached to the national cause. The Catalan independence debate is a daily occurrence for the people of Barcelona. But this derby is only played twice a year. So don’t miss it!
Don’t worry, the extra-sporting aspect rarely takes over on the game, even if the rivalry is significantly present.


Expected attendance : 80 to 100%

Access to the Camp Nou requires to wear a mask.