Match day in Gent !


Just graduated and not much in mind for the near future, I decided to reward myself with a football weekend. I take a look at the calendar of the teams that are on my bucket list, and my choice goes to one particular fixture : Amsterdam – Feyenoord, the Dutch Clasico on Sunday, October 28th. Since I’m going on my own, I’m thinking that the bill will be a bit high for a weekend, and I’m thinking about how to make this trip more profitable.

I look over a couple of days before and after the game and notice that there is an abundant choice of games throughout the week, in an area quite close to Amsterdam. Plus, it happens to be a European championship week, and there are plenty of European clubs in the area. My football weekend now turns into a very promising  5 day 5 stadiums road trip  After long hours spent studying the best route, the one I choose will take me from Bruges on Wednesday, to my final destination in Amsterdam on Sunday morning.

Day 1 : Bruges

Day 2 : Brussels

Day 3 : Gent  

Day 4 : Groningen

Day 5 : Amsterdam

Football trip to Gent

This is my third day and I leave Brussels, which welcomed me the day before, in the direction of the next city early in the morning. And this time the course is set for Gent, so it’s a return to Flanders for me.

With my ticket for tonight’s game, I have plenty of time to explore the city during the day. Another power of the Kingdom of Flanders, Gent is a splendid city and it is not its historic centre that will make me lie. To prove it to you, go to the Saint Michael’s bridge for the best view of the city. There, the three splendid high towers of Gent seem to form a single building! I really enjoyed visiting this city. In particular, the emblematic canals of this corner of Europe, which sublimate the cities they pass through. They convert each city into the capital of romanticism. A good point to take Madame to your stadium adventures 😉.


The 100% football meeting of the trip!

For my overnight stay, I also have the chance to be hosted by Jonathan, a die-hard KAA GENT fan. During our meeting, he briefs me on the context around the club and the stadium where I am about to go.

KAA Gent – Charleroi – October 2018

My visit to Gent is now over. I am now heading towards the brand new stadium, which I enjoyed the view of when I arrived, as it is visible from the motorway. And I like to tell you that it is a beautiful stadium. On match nights it is equipped with neon lights that are lit to illuminate the Ghent night with a magnificent blue.

The people of Ghent love their stadium and you can really feel the excitement in the city for their club, and . For this football trip to Gent, it’s a rainy Friday evening with an unattractive poster. KAA GENT started the season very badly and is starting to annoy the fans. And yet the stadium is full and gives voice. The locals will reassure their public and return an almost perfect score of 2-1. This will allow them to reconcile with their public at the end of the game.

In conclusion, I found the world of KAA GENT exciting. The new stadium is really sticking to it and really gives a nice image of the club. The atmosphere is good and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them in the European Cup again and again in the years to come. Well, maybe it’s silly to say, but the ‘Buffalos’ logo fascinates me. Thank you Gent.