French Classico at the Parc des Princes !


2 years after attending the French Clasico at the Velodrome (read it here), I decided to go and attend this prestigious game, this time at the Parc des Princes, on the occasion of this PSG football trip.

Football Trip PSG

So here I am, treating myself with a 100% football trip to Paris. I arrive in the late afternoon in Paris by car, and I head straight to the Parc des Princes, and get to the surroundings without too much difficulty.  One thing to be mindful of is that depending on which side you arrive from and which gate is yours, you can easily walk an additional kilometer around the stadium before you get to your access gate.
​The Parc is in the middle of town, so game nights require quite a lot of organization to move people around.
All in all, this is still quite well organized and you will find your way to the stadium pretty easily. Many stewards in the streets around the stadium can also give you information. The stadium is superb and I have a real crush for its architecture. Halfway between modernism and unique shapes (with this concrete crown on the outside). In my opinion, the stadium reflects a strong historical background. It is indeed one of the oldest stadiums in the country. But rest assured, it is more than well maintained!

Once in the stadium, the atmosphere is quite relaxed in the stand, the latest results of PSG against tonight’s rival, Marseille, in recent years are pretty one sided. It certainly relieved some anxiety for the Parisians when this game is coming… Nevertheless, it is still the most prestigious game of the year in the country. And in football, you never know what can happen next.  It is already animated in the short sides of the Parc, and we can already guess the coming of a giant banner on all the Auteuil stand. Quite promising! The players enter the pitch, and it is indeed a magnificent work of the Parisian ultras, offering us an illustration of a huge green dragon (reference to Dragon Ball Z), above a miniature Parc des Princes. The result is sensational. The rest of the stadium is covered by waving flags ! The night, as well as the atmosphere, are definitely launched!

Paris Saint Germain – Olympique de Marseille, October 2019

On the pitch, PSG players are starting the game really well and quickly take the lead. The opposition is too strong for OM, and Paris goes back to the locker room at half-time with a 4 goals lead… The domination of the Paris squad is indisputable, and they will be just happy to keep the score in their favor during the second half. It’s a pity, but I cannot really blame them when the opposition is so weak. Despite having a great season, OM were completely out of it tonight at the Parc des Princes.

Staring at what had become a low intensity game, I turned my eyes to the stands, where a sensational show was taking place from the very begining of the night. In addition to the magnificent composition displayed on kick off, both short sides have been offering amazing animations throughout the whole match: some flares, many very varied banners, songs etc… In short, a  tremendous activity for a stadium which is supposedly becoming aseptic. European atmosphere against the biggest teams might arise even more excitement than a PSG OM with such a scenario. Nevertheless, I was very satisfied with what was here to take this evening.
Thank you Paris.

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