Join us for an exceptional football trip to Amsterdam, and immerse yourself in the history of football and this city.

Amsterdam is the tourist destination par excellence. There are many reasons to come and discover it, but yours may be one of the wisest (and yet not so common!), because Amsterdam and football is a long and beautiful story!

Football aside, Amsterdam is the most attractive city in the country and one of the most attractive cities in Europe for tourism. No wonder, because between its history, heritage, culture, and its striking urban planning, the city no longer counts the reasons why you should discover it.

Amsterdam was largely built during the Dutch Golden Age (17th century). This period was marked by the commercial domination of the Netherlands over the world. It encouraged its cultural and artistic development, especially painting. Today, Amsterdam’s historical heritage and its development make it one of the most important crossroads in Europe.

The city’s most beautiful buildings therefore date from this prestigious century in the history of the Netherlands and Amsterdam. Along the canals, and the main arteries of the city, you can admire the wealth of this heritage, including Dam Square, where you will find the Royal Palace, the national memorial to the victims of the Second World War, and the high-end department shop De Bijenkorf, among others.

To reach this square, you will certainly have to pass through Amsterdam Central Station, located 700m away. This is a strategic location for your football trip to Amsterdam, as well as having a building with a sumptuous façade!


Football trip to Amsterdam: a clever mix of culture and football!


On the other hand, for painting enthusiasts, the Van Gogh museum is unbreakable. It has the largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings in the world. The impressionism is strongly represented there, and other famous painters of this current are also exposed (Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin etc…).

For history buffs, there is a passage through the Anne Frank’s House, where the young teenager wrote her famous diary. In it she tells the story of the Nazi occupation of the city of Amsterdam and how her Jewish family tried in vain to escape the Shoah…

Let’s talk about a more jovial aspect of the city. If you’re in a festive mood, Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most popular destinations to get in the mood! Bars and nightclubs abound. The city also hosts many festivals throughout the year.

Why not make sure you use your bike to get around when you come to Amsterdam? The city lends itself perfectly to this mode of transport, and you can put yourself a little more in the shoes of the locals. Take the opportunity to venture out to the polders, those stretches of land below sea level, kept dry by water drainage systems and decorated with iconic mills. A large part of the Netherlands has this feature, hence the name the country is known by.

All in all, Amsterdam is a city full of contrasts that will amaze you on your football trip to Amsterdam!

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Johan Cruyff ArenA


Nov. 1996


54 900

Originally built to host the 1992 Olympic Games, finally awarded to Barcelona, the Johan Cruyff ArenA is the stadium with the largest capacity in the country. It hosts matches for Ajax Amsterdam and occasionally the Dutch national team. At its inauguration, the stadium was named the Amsterdam ArenA, and was later renamed the ArenA in 2018 in honour of Johan Cruyff, the legendary Dutch Ajax footballer, who died in 2016.

The very futuristic architecture of this stadium is breathtaking. The ArenA, which looks like a spaceship, is equipped with a roof that can be retracted in less than 30 minutes. It is therefore not uncommon for the roof to close during a match in case of bad weather.

Inside, the stadium is huge. Vertiginous even. Ajax plays almost constantly to a sold-out crowd. It’s the most popular club in the country, and the atmosphere is very much in evidence. A lot of activity on the northern bend, a participating public: in Amsterdam, football is a party, even when Ajax meets a rival club. Outside, there is also a lot of excitement, with many bars, shops and goodie stands with the team’s logo on them.

Don’t miss a visit to the Ajax museum when you come. Let your guide take you back through the history of this historic club (trophies, anecdotes, jerseys of former players who made the club’s legend). No doubt about it, Amsterdam is a must for any self-respecting football fan.

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