You are a sports fan and dream of discovering stadiums all over the world.

With Stadium Avenue, make sure you get the services of a professional sports travel agency. Find the stadium adventure you need among the dozens of destinations on offer.

Stadium Avenue takes you to major sporting events around the world. Discover our stays composed of Transport – Accommodation – Place for your event – Visits and extra activities.

Delivery times: Delivery times for match tickets depend on the destination. The deadlines are always displayed on the page of the event you are interested in.

Unless otherwise indicated, your tickets will generally be sent in e-ticket format, by e-mail, to the address you have given us.

An e-ticket is the dematerialised form of your access to the stadium. Present it at the entrance to the stadium on your mobile phone screen in pdf format, or print it out beforehand and present your e-ticket in paper format to the stadium control officer.

There may be several reasons for the short delay between the receipt of your tickets and the date of the match, such as

– The conditions under which the club’s ticket offices send out their tickets. Stadium Avenue complies with the distribution conditions practiced by our suppliers.
– Avoid the fraudulent resale of tickets that Stadium Avenue offers for sale.

Unless otherwise indicated, if you have not received your tickets 48 hours before the match, do not hesitate to contact us.

It is strictly forbidden to resell your purchased seat to a third party.