Discovering Lausanne Sport !


For what wasn’t, but will become a stadium getaway, I am hosted by friends in Lausanne for a weekend of skiing. Unfortunately, one of them gets injured on the first day. So we had to reorganize the rest of the trip and as luck would have it, Lausanne Sport was hosting FC St. Gallen on the Sunday afternoon. I did not have to think twice about it!
Here’s a look back at the kind of weekend we all love!


My first swiss stadium!


On Saturday morning we are heading towards the ski resort of Les Diablerets. First good news, the day looks sunny! I’m not necessarily an ace skier, but I enjoy it a lot. Not too many people on the slopes, and the price of the ski pass remains reasonable compared to the French areas. In the evening, we are blessed by a delicious Swiss fondue (melted cheese). For the next day, as I was telling you previously, we had to change the program. And this is how our initial ski day suddenly became a stadium day!

To be honest, when my friends moved to Lausanne a few months ago, I quickly spotted opportunities to discover the surrounding stadiums. It is very likely that I will visit Servette FC on my next visit by the way! On our way to the stadium, our road will cross the Olympic Stadium of Lausanne. A stadium full of history that I will have the opportunity to visit on a future visit.
But for the time being, it is the Stade de la Tuilière of Lausanne Sport that is opening its doors to me. A brand new stadium that completely caught my eye for its unique architecture! As you can appreciate on the pictures I took of the stadium, the shapes of the stadium are of a rare aestheticism. Not being very good at taking pictures, I have to admit that the lines of the Stade de la Tuilière made the job pretty easy!

Good habits never die, and I make a stop at the club’s official shop to get a new scarf for my collection. I get inside the stadium very easily. It has to be said that this year Lausanne Sport is lagging behind in the standings and is second to last. As a result, the stadium’s 12,500 seats are often not all occupied during matches… The fixture of the day is not the most exciting either on paper, but it is of high interest when looking at the table of the Swiss league. Indeed, FC St. Gallen is the first direct opponent of LS for them to remain in the first division…

I take a seat in the side stand. The stadium, only a few months old, is in a perfect state. It’s very clean, there’s a good choice of snacks, even if my favorite thing will remain the outside architecture. The view in the surroundings of the stadium is not bad either. On this sunny winter afternoon, the view of the mountain ranges in the distance is offered to me from the stands. And it’s a superb panorama offered to me through the glass surfaces above the stands!

As the stadium was not full, I was free to choose my seat among the sectors that were more expensive to buy. The stadium is therefore, as I said, far from being full, except for one section: the visitors’ section.
Indeed, the ultras of St Gallen FC came in number, with voices and beautiful animations. Cannot quite say the same of the opposite side of the stands. A wiped out corner and not much spirit to say the least. The situation is critical and the most fanatical supporters of Lausanne Sport are showing their frustration to the club’s management. These are difficult times indeed for Lausanne Sport… But you never know… everything is possible during the 90 minutes of a football game



Lausanne Sport – FC St Gallen, January 2022


Straight from kick-off, the visitors’ sector offers us a great show with banners and pyro. They will sing all game long, to the rhythm of their team’s goals.
Because believe me, there were many goals!
The beginning of the match is completely in favour of St Gallen, who are completely outclassing Lausanne with their technical quality and superior motivation.
In spite of some miracles from the Lausanne goalkeeper, the home team is quickly down 0-2. However, they managed to reduce the gap before half-time. The score at the break is 1-2 and it is a small miracle given how obvious the visitors’ superiority was.


After the break, the game takes a different turn when one of the Lausanne players gets red-carded very early on. After some post-game reviews, the red card was completely unjustified, but no VAR… Things go from bad to worse, and Lausanne ends up losing 1-5. A terrible home defeat in a game where the referee didn’t really help to give the spectators a match on equal terms, even if the first half was enough to know which was the better side…
The Lausanne goalkeeper, already heroic in the first half, thought he could prevent St. Gallen’s 5th goal by stopping a penalty kick. But the referee ordered the penalty to be executed once again, because of the bad positioning of the defenders who had crossed the line. A game you surely want to forget for the Lausanne side, which has undoubtedly sealed their place behind their opponent of the day. St. Gallen will indeed lay 7 points ahead at the table after this game, plunging Lausanne Sport a little deeper into their results crisis.



A day to forget for Lausanne Sport


Once they got out of the stadium, the ultras of Lausanne Sport gathered at the gate of the VIP boxes. They had a very clear message to send to their president: “Cissé Out”. It’s difficult for me to judge the guilt of the man in the current situation. I admit I haven’t been following much of the club’s progress so far… the end of the afternoon offers me some last magnificent shots of the Tuilière stadium and the mountains in the background, and I take the road back to France.


I hope with all my heart that Lausanne Sport will stay in the elite, because a brand new stadium with a relegation will not make good friends. I will be keeping an eye on their results and will be back soon to discover other Swiss stadiums.
Thank you Lausanne!

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