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During a 6 month internship in Quito I rediscover this country and this city. I had the chance to live there for 2 years and here I am again more than 12 years after leaving. I also meet my childhood friends, with whom I go to the stadium, as well as my father. He chose to live there as an expatriate, in Guayaquil. I’m taking the opportunity to take a wide tour of the country’s stadiums, discovering Ecuadorian football and the South American fibre that makes the atmosphere in the stadiums so vibrant and exotic.

Live a football match in Cuenca :

A few weeks before my return to France and the end of my 6 months internship in Ecuador, I had only one opportunity left to discover a new stadium and a new city. So it’s without too much hesitation that I took advantage of my last free weekend to go to Cuenca. Cuenca is a magical city. It has the charm of the big colonial cities perched on the Andes without the ultra urbanization around. It is in my opinion the most beautiful city in the country.

Cuenca do not shine as brightly on the national football scene. Although his club are among the elite, he struggles to stand out and regularly struggles in the soft underbelly. However, he did enjoy a period of success in the 2000s, including his first and only Ecuadorian league title, gleaned in 2004. A moment of anthology for the fans and inhabitants of Cuenca.

Cuenca – Barcelona SC – August 2018

So I put down my suitcases (or rather my backpack) in Cuenca for three days of discovery, in a hurry to get to the Alejandro Serrano Aguilar stadium. A stadium of 16,000 seats that will offer me a very nice moment and that I’m not long in discovering, since it is located a few hundred meters from my Airbnb accommodation!

Deportivo Cuenca take on Guayaquil’s SC Barcelona on the occasion of this championship day. As usual, every stadium where Barcelona de Guayaquil play has a massive crowd in attendance. Half of the stadium will be dressed in the visitors’ yellow jerseys for this match. I’m getting back to the beautiful vibe of my visit to the Estadio Monumental de Guayaquil (article available soon) by observing the activity in the corner reserved for SC B fans. The difference is that this time there is some answering in front of me.

To my pleasant surprise, the ultras of Cuenca open the ball with a red and black tarpaulin, colours of the club. Simple but welcome, and they won’t stop singing until after the final whistle. The two sides go blow for blow both in the stands and on the field. Despite the small size of the stadium, the atmosphere is there. The match scenario is just as interesting, as for 80 minutes, the locals will hold their goliath of the day high (1-0), before giving in on penalty and being joined in the score. It remains a nice point even if, on this match, the host team will have some regrets. For me, it was a great show. It’s been a great experience to see Cuenca, its football and its people.


What I loved about Cuenca:

  • A city on a human scale and a XXL historical heritage.
  • The recognizable cathedral among 1000 others, a true architectural masterpiece
  • The cradle of Panama! This world-famous hat is indeed from Ecuador and not from Panama as its name suggests.
  • The unique Inca archaeological site of Ingapirca, located an hour and a half from the city.

Thanks Cuenca.

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