Copenhagen Derby on the front row!


Kicking off for an exciting football weekend with my stadium mate. Lead by our curiosity towards scandinavian ultras, and especially FC Kobenhavn ones, we head off to Copenhagen, on the occasion of the city’s famous New Firm derby against Brondby FC, this time for the domestic cup. 

Derby of Copenhague at FCK’s

« FC Kobenhavn » is by far the most popular club of the country. It maintains a huge rivalry with Brondby FC, a more local scaled club, located in the suburbs of Copenhagen. Domination over danish football from FCK is rather steady. But they happen to drop some championships here and then, leaving some success to other teams of the country, such as Brondby. This season was precisely  a void one for FCK, finishing 4th in the domestic championship.

The game is scheduled on Sunday, giving us plenty of time to explore the danish capital, starting from our HQ, a modest but confy AirBnb.

So many things to say about Copenhagen :


An exotic and very contrasted city !

Before anything, the city is really clean and in a great general state! It is a symptomatic trait for most Eastern Europe cities, and I must say it is very enjoyable.  The subway system is simple enough for people to use it without speaking danish (everything is written in English as well). We still managed to get fined for trying to play smart… Not trying to defend my bad behaviour, but cost of life is pretty high here in Copenhagen, especially for students ! On a more touristical aspect, Copenhagen is definitely a perfect destination for a weekend stay, for how condensed the points of interest are. Among our best discoveries and explorations, we will never forget the Cristiansborg Palace, ancient royal residence, currently hosting the Danish Parliament…and tourists like us. The building is absolutely impressive, and vertiginous. As we are joined by an abondant snow, the atmosphere gets a little out of timeish, and emphasizes on the importance of this building in the history of Denmark. 

Our second significant excursion in Copenhagen was the Tivoli Gardens! To whoever wishes to come to Copenhagen with his or her other half, and needs to ease the pain of going to the football game, Tivoli Gardens have your back.  This place could be described as half way between a “classic” green and relaxed area, and an amusement park. The result is absolutely gorgeous and lovely! It gets even better since the snow keeps accompanying us on our trip throught the city, sublimating literally every place we go. The Tivoli Gardens offer quite a romantic context. Of course, this is more anecdotic for my friend and I, but we were forced to admit that this place was really attractive. Actually, loads of young danish couples were wandering around in the area.

And finally, one of our last significant discoveries was the district of Christiana. Christian Freetown is an enclave inside the city. It was originally created by a hippie community with an anarchist tendency. They remained on this territory and self-appointed their independance. From what we understood, this land was still officially part of the Danish territory, but seeing how different things are inside this little town can have you thinking otherwise. Wandering around is quite unique, as it is a highly cultural district of Copenhagen. Don’t forget that not everything you buy in there is necessarily legal 200 meters further, in Copenhagen streets… 

FC Kobenhavn – Brondby FC. New Firm for the Danish Cup – February 2018

Enough talking about beautiful Copenhagen, it is football time! And for that we head to the Parken Stadion. A stadium with a very rectangular shape, very similar to some English stadiums. It is also the place for many corporate offices (Parken among them), which quickly takes off the nice popular aspect of a stadium that one is looking for. But it sure gives the building a fairly modern touch. Just like the city, the surroundings of the stadium are very enjoyable and clean. We snap a few pictures from a nice green area just next to the stadium and head to the official shop. Once equipped with the local FCK scarf, we enter the stadium! For this Copenhagen derby, we will be seating long side, very close to the pitch, and fairly close to the visitors sector. The Parken Stadion looks quite full on the occasion (38 000 capacity). The players make their entrance to the pitch and are supported by a huge activity from Brondby’s utlras supporters, standing 20 meters away from us. These guys will completely take over the atmosphere, just like their players will take over on the game.  Understandably upset by the level of their team this season, FCK Ultras will not show us much today… 

But this was not enough to take down the great excitment caused by Brondby’s Ultras. A supporter’s group that is visibly well organized and reactive. They spoiled us with many flares, bomb, as well powerful chants. An unexpected and much pleasant discovery. The visiting team will therefore logically take the win that day (0-1) against an uninspired FCK side, despite the current star of the club Fletcher, coming off the bench during the second period. He showed good will, but couldn’t turn the tide.

In a few words, Copenhagen is an excellent destination for a football weekend. After discovering the Brondby side away, we just figured that the reverse fixture at Brondby’s stadium would be even more attractive than what we experienced at Parken Stadion, given the poor activity offered from FCK ultras that day. However, after seeing several other derbies played at FCK on TV, we realised that the weak dynamism from FC Kobenhavn Ultras we observed was just an exception. They usually rock it!
Thanks Copenhague.

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